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Supreme Heat furnace models:
Supreme Heat 175,000 BTU
1.25 gph
98”L x 21”T x 21”W
Supreme Heat 275,000 BTU
1.9 gph
105”L x 24”T x 24”W
Supreme Heat 425,000 BTU
3.0 gph
130”L x 32”T x 32”W
Furnace Options:
UL listed tank
and stand
Supreme Heat furnaces feature:
  • Single pass units, which means more heat and less ash.
  • Heavier, longer lasting heat exchangers (14 gauge).
  • No stress points
  • The most combustion efficient (up to 85%)* high tech burners on the market.
  • Air blowing on the target constantly for long target life
  • Swing out burners for easy service.
  • A unique pre-heater that operates five times longer than competitors’ before cleaning is required.
  • A full access door that can swing either direction
  • Each unit comes with a spare nozzle assembly easily changed out by the customer in about five minutes
  • Heat discharge on either side or both sides
Furnace Parts:
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Supreme Heat was the first manufacturer in the industry to offer a no hassle, pro-rated lifetime warranty

(as-long-as-you-own-it) on used oil furnaces.

A spare nozzle assembly unit is available with each
furnace purchased. The spare nozzle unit can easily be
installed in 10 minutes.