Free Heat from Used Oil  
Burning used oil for auxiliary heat has been around for years in small garages and large buildings. Car dealers, trucking companies, state and local maintenance facilities – any business or agency with a large supply of used crankcase oil and transmission fluid can generate free heat.
Before Supreme Heat furnaces hit the market, that free heat was never worry free.
Because used oil burns so extremely hot, 2800 degrees in a flame (aluminum melts
at 1400 degrees), the old technology demands frequent repairs and requires time
consuming maintenance. Down time, waiting for replacement parts, leaves the end
user out in the cold and hot under the collar.
The Supreme Heat furnaces are the most economical used oil burners to
operate and maintain on the market .



“We’ve saved 100% on heating costs. We turned off our four conventional gas furnaces and don’t plan to turn them on again. The Supreme Heat model 275,000 BTU heats our 4900 square foot service department and mechanics stay warm even when they’re under the hood or under a vehicle."

— Frank McCrocklin
    McCrocklin Ford, Middletown, IN